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Thursday, 29 September 2016

AnyTrans, a great alternative to iTunes

We all know that iTunes is a good application to manage information from our iOS devices but many users dislike and resent how it works, but there are several alternatives and AnyTrans is a great alternative to manage our applications, photos, books, music and other of our iOS device.

AnyTrans is an application for Mac and Windows with a cost of $ 39.99 USD with which you can replace iTunes and manage all the information that is in your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. Although AnyTrans is not translated into Spanish, its use is so easy and intuitive you will not have problems to master in a few minutes. Thanks to its user interface as clear and visual icons to iOS or macOS very style you indicate the operations you can do, you will be exchanging information between your computer and your iDevice almost from the first minute.

Download / Purchase AnyTrans

Czech application is for MacOS and Windows.

Passes information between your iPhone and your computer very easily with AnyTrans:

After installing AnyTrans on your Mac or Windows, the application will ask you to connect the device you want to operate. When you connect, AnyTrans access the device to find the information you have stored. But we have two main options, one where we can choose the main function when connecting your device and the other where we can do everything manually and transfer files between our computer and our iDevice.

In the second option where you can handle all files will see an amazing and beautiful way to categorize the files that we have in our device to transfer more content to your iPhone, iPod, iPad or our iDevice to the computer without any problems .

To move a particular file, a photo, a song, a book between your computer and the device, we must click on the categories to which it belongs o the files you want to spend. For example, if you want to get photos from your iPhone to the computer without using Photo or iTunes, click on the Photos folder. It will open a new line of icons with the types of pictures that are in your device. Find the file or files and mark the appropriate subcategory. At the top of the screen will be the button to make the transfer to your computer, choose where to store the information and ready.

We can also access our iCloud account to view all files and backups we have on our own, all this is completely safe.

With AnyTransfer obviously we can make a backup to our easy iOS device and have easy access to our backups as we have a window specifically for it.

Finally, AnyTrans also allows us to have all the music you have in iTunes, all bookstore we see in AnyTrans without any problems and can make changes to it without any problem, as long as it is kept in our computer and not by Apple Music.

In conclusion we can say that AnyTrans is one of the best alternatives to iTunes for its great user interface which allows a rather fail use of the application and Tapien very good thing is that is available for Mac OS and Windows.

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