Apple could be making thought a case with wireless charging -


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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Apple could be making thought a case with wireless charging

Apple is testing new chips for wireless charging in cases of third parties so that new reports allege that might be making use of new products for this technology, wireless charging has been one of the characteristics that increased demand has had since the introduction of NFC.

The news has been published by Economic Daily News, so they could have enough credibility cup, this being responsible for previous reports, where could finally verify the veracity.

Apparently, Apple would not introduce wireless charging mode internally in the device, but you would through accessories. Among the suppliers of these chips, it is Mediatek, who has already received a request from the Big Apple.

Mediatek, IDT and NXP would be part of the candidates to test Apple

The great Asian was the primary on receiving the request for chips, but also to the list of companies that will test Apple, IDT and join NXP. Creating wireless charging accessories officially, would be a good option to generate greater reliability to users.

Among recent reports and rumors about wireless charging Apple devices, it indicated that it could be a functionality to implement concretely for the iPhone that will be presented during 2017, and that unlike what is currently seen, load could be done at a given distance.

To all this, just wait, since only Apple could be making requests, which means that the play would focus on how mentioned, a later model what will be seen this September 7.

What other functionality might be thinking Apple to add these case ?, it is clear that Apple is a company that seeks to make strong impact on what the mobile market is concerned, and a simple case load would be quite predictable.

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