Apple could have revenues of more than $ 3,000 miillones, only with AirPods -


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Friday, 30 September 2016

Apple could have revenues of more than $ 3,000 miillones, only with AirPods

It seems that Apple is slowly improving after the precipitous drop in sales witnessed in the first quarter of this year, now things seem geared to success, especially as regards new accessories like Airpods.

According to a new survey of over 1 million customers in the United States, conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch reveals that approximately 12% of respondents are interested in buying the AirPods Apple for $ 159 when they go on sale next month, resulting in an increase of $ 3 billion in revenue miillones.

If a slightly deeper analysis of the survey is done, we found that 8% of customers recognized they planned to buy AirPods with the new Apple Watch Series 2.

Given these data, only 12% of Americans could generate revenues of up to $ 3 billion. About 56% of respondents found that current headphones are good enough to buy the remaining 40% said they would not buy the AirPods because they believe that the product is too expensive.

According to analysts, they clarify that "only a small portion of respondents has the Aple Watch Series 1 and only 8% of respondents intend to buy the Apple Watch Series 2".

For starters, more than 50% delos respondents said they would be willing to buy the AirPods and there were those who said the same for the Apple Watch Series 2. This is remarkable considering that the Apple Watch unudades Series 2 already on sale and available for testing in Apple stores, but the AirPods come until October and can not be judged yet.

Your wireless headset you buy without even test them before?

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