Apple does deal with Macy`s to introduce mini-shops in its branches -


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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Apple does deal with Macy`s to introduce mini-shops in its branches

 Apple just closed a new deal with Macy`s a famous clothing store in the United States; now it 's up to accommodate chain stores apple in its various branches.

Although this seems illogical, it is a good action for both, since one of these has had a bad fiscal year, and yes. You guessed right, it's not Apple.

Macy`s has been presenting economic downturns over the past 6 months, in addition, is expected to soon close 100 of its stores is made ​​within the country, specifically in the middle ground. The stores include Apple, improve the amount of customers who come to her, in addition of course, that would give greater gain at Cupertino.

The measures were announced by the company 's CEO Jeff Gennette, during a conference Gold Sachs. The deal also includes building an Apple Store within the larger branch, ie in New York; moreover, it has also indicated that will be the first shops where you can buy the Apple Watch Series 2.

The Apple Watch Series 2 will be distributed in the first instance in Macy's stores

The new smart watch of the Cupertino company, will be distributed to 180 stores Macy`sy that clearly open doors to economic improvement by the ailing retail chain. All this during the Christmas season, his departure is scheduled for this September 16th. Although not mentioned the duration of this new measure.

According to the Apple, this is not the first time a department or mini-store within a branch of another company included. In his remarks indicates that in certain buildings and Best Buy has been carrying out these initiatives.

Finally, it seems that those of Macy`s are taking very seriously the figures generated by its last fiscal quarter, as such treatment is not seen very often. Is it enough to stay afloat?, Maybe yes , however, have to wait to see what happens after the sale of Apple watch Series 2

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