Apple has invented a paper bag with handles that are formed -


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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Apple has invented a paper bag with handles that are formed

Apple patented a paper bag with handles that are formed. A patent application company, published the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States on Tuesday.

US computer giant electronics of his new invention called simply "the bag". The article does not have some kind of high-tech accessories, such as the outside of the battery or Bluetooth module.

Deployable paper bag. It can include container, It выбеленной paper made firm, and comprising at least 60% recyclable "materials - is said in the application. Pen package is made of paper fibers.

Apple explained that most of the current paper bags are less than half of recyclables, while the package the company is much more environmentally friendly. The patent application was filed in March 2016, however, was made available to the public only now.

Apple is actively introducing technologies and products for environmental care. Thus, the presentation in March, the company showed a robot Liam for dismantling the iPhone and sorting of components. Apple in April was held in the App Store of action in collaboration with the global fund for wildlife.

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