Apple has released Xcode iOS 8 support 10 and Swift 3 -


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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Apple has released Xcode iOS 8 support 10 and Swift 3

 Apple has released a new update for Xcode, the development environment for Mac, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. This version, the number 8 in particular, contains support for iOS 10, tvOS10 and macOS Sierra, along with Swift 3.

Xcode is the best programming environment for anyone wishing to enter the world of Apple, and creating graphical interfaces, coding, debugging and testing, all in one place. New enhancements include the following:

Improvements in Xcode

  •     The editor is now able to generate documents and highlight the current line of work with colors and image format support .swift
  •     The memory debugger is able to show the relationships between different objects with which you work, like data that handles each graphically.
  •     Now you can modify the capabilities of your extensions in the code editor
  •     Runtime errors now be identified to better
  •     Building GUI will now be much easier, offering previews of the different devices that also lets you work now edit using zoom views.
  •     It changed the default font used by San Francisco Mono and added a new topic dark Civic.
  •     Support for creating different extensions for messaging application iOS10 

Enhancements Swift 3

  •     Improved API for Grand Central Dispatch and Core Graphics
  •     Unification of API for all components of Swift 3, this includes frameworks within the development kit
  •     Support for Playgrounds and sets downloaded from org tools.
  •     You can migrate code to Swift Swift easily with Xcode 3 Migrators. 

The new version is available for free and can be downloaded from the App Store. It should be noted that many of the changes in Swift 3 were provided by the emphasis that has made the open source community in this programming language.

Now, since you know everything that brings new Xcode, do not wait to start creating your application, or simply migrate your code and take advantage of improvements and new support for iOS 10.

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