Apple has stopped the distribution of iPad Air 2 is approaching a new model? -


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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Apple has stopped the distribution of iPad Air 2 is approaching a new model?

New reports claim that the largest distributors of Apple iPad Air 2, have run out of units. This usually occurs when you want to make room for a new product, logical ?, yes; it looks like it is opening the way for the new king, the iPhone 7 who will be presented on Sept. 7.

This also indicates that the device resellers will have to wait until the stock, which may not happen soon renewed. Remember that with the arrival of the new iPhone, it is intended that many older users who purchase the iPhone 6 in 2014 so and renewal.

This also applies for all those with an iPad Air 2, given that possibly his successor arrives during the event.

It could be presented this year or mid 2017?

Beyond that, other reports generated by KGI indicate that the company does not intend to publish a new iPad model shortly, but for next year. This means that users would only option to named iPad Air 2 until after the next event, however, Apple still wants to prevent, lowering the levels of distribution.

Assumptions rumors indicate that, if introduced a new iPad this Sept. 7, or the next year, would come in 3 versions. A renovation for Pro model of 12.9 inches, a standard size of 9.7 and a new mini model already common version 7 inches diagonal.

all also suggests that Apple may be also thinking about making a change in the technology used for their screens. Among the latest rumors, it has been noted that could use the AMOLED, as the main component.

In conclusion, this sudden cut in the cycle of renewal for stocks of iPad Air 2, represent a clear new member for Apple. However, it is not yet known for certain whether it will be a version for the enterprise market, as is the iPad Pro, or the aforementioned 9.7-inch, just wait.

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