Apple iPhone 2017 model year will celebrate its 10th anniversary with an iris scan -


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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Apple iPhone 2017 model year will celebrate its 10th anniversary with an iris scan

Although the iPhone 7 release date on September 7 , and there was this rumor about the iPhone for 2017, as well as by this time the news about Apple. Planning for the iris scan generation iPhone model year 2017 celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Iris Scanner

This rumor comes from DigiTimes , which was translated from Chinese news site MoneyDJ. report predicts that scan the iris (Iris Scanner) to replace the Touch ID with the iPhone 5s to generation iPhone by iris scanning system is used for unlocking the device, pay and authenticate with other apps. Scanning through the physical structure of the eye each user.

The iris scanning system available in the new Smartphone models such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Xintec that the chip manufacturers, iris scan.

Xintec parts company in Taiwan. The alliance with TSMC manufactures chips for Apple received an offer to chip makers like iris scans in 2017 to increase sales of the order by the customer within the next year Xintec but did not comment. Or any rumors On the product or customer The company will manufacture chips to scan the retina.

The rumors of the iPhone in 2017, iPhone 8, iPhone 7s generation iPhone or iPhone to celebrate its 10th anniversary, is seen by many as an iPhone with a 5.8-inch screen is curved. OLED device using a glass material, no buttons. Home may be buried with the windshield. Wireless charging system and so on.

Several media speculated that the iPhone version of the iPhone will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary with New Design and different and special than ever, of course.

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