Apple is developing new HealthKit Apps for Apple Watch -


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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Apple is developing new HealthKit Apps for Apple Watch

Apple has mentioned many times you see medical and health initiatives as a major area of future expansion.

Some of these plans are already in full swing, according to Bloomberg , Apple could be working on new applications monitoring sleep and fitness for the Apple Watch.

Analytical services Sleep in wearable Apple are still very limited. Therefore, Apple will launch an application soon, although rumors suggest that the most advanced is an application to measure the heart rate.

The new health app HealthKit Apple will measure the heart rate of a person observing their fitness exercises. Additionally, the company is also exploring new ways to expand the functionality of Health HealthKit in application.

At the moment the release date of new applications is unknown HealthKit Apple smartwatch for the company. watchOS 3.1 is in beta for developers, but who knows, maybe the update brings new apps ...

Apple could also improve its internal system software to find anomalies in the database HealthKit. Right now, Health application watchOS 3 shows the statistics that have been collected over time, but does not interpret the results.

Before the Apple Watch was presented in 2014, there were many rumors about incorporating multiple sensors that could track health and analyze data such as glucose or blood oxygen. What health-related functions would you like on your Apple introduced new software for the smartwatch?

Finally, Bloomberg filtration analysis indicates that adding new glucose need approval from the FDA. It is also mentioned that the device accelerometer is able to provide a lot of information on fitness.

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