Apple is preparing to open the first Apple Store in Mexico and second in Germany -


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Friday, 2 September 2016

Apple is preparing to open the first Apple Store in Mexico and second in Germany

Apple has had great feedback from consumers in their neighboring country, Mexico. Despite this fact, the inhabitants of that country, did not have an official store of Cupertino. Therefore, buying a product of the company, it was only possible through annoying orders, which could take longer than normal. Fortunately, Apple plans to expand, again made their presence felt during the day.

Mexico City, a big surprise was during the day, after several people could notice how a large curtain with the word "Hello Mexico" covered a local mystery located in the Santa Fe Mall. What many do not know is that this is the first Apple Store in Mexico. After several years, Apple has finally given his neighboring country, an official store where it will be possible to buy all the products of Cupertino.

An Apple Store visit for the second time to Germany

As if that were not enough, during the day, Apple has also decided to take another leap to Europe. This time, it will be with the opening of a new store in Cologne, Germany; being the second Apple Store has been opened in that country.

Until now, even the date on which these two stores is unknown, will open its doors to the public. However, you may be given before the big presentation of Apple; which means that consumers in Mexico and Germany, will buy the new products of the company.

This only form a small part in the expansion of the Apple Store. As has been reporting, the company expects to open more of its stores in various parts of the world, including Latin American countries.

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