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Friday, 16 September 2016

Apple is working on a wireless charging technology

Again resurgent rumors that the Cupertino company would be working on wireless charging technology. Initially it was believed that this type of technology would be included in current models of iPhone 7, but now it says it would be implemented for the line of smartphones next year.

Following reports that have been published earlier this year, it seems that Apple is working on wireless charging technology, in conjunction with Energous (company dedicated to the development of wireless charging technology).

Current wireless solutions inductive load found in the market, require that the devices are resting on a base load, but WattUp of Energous, technology can charge devices to a distance of 15 feet, by a transmitter and a receiver.

This type of technology not only be limited to Apple products because they cover a lot of devices such as toys, peripherals, personal accessories and more. This wireless charging system would be based on radiofrequency application, similar to a Wi-Fi, which will provide charging power remotely, without wires and through a transmitter and a receiver placed on the device.

This technology is not included in the line of Apple iPhone 7, but it was something that has been rumored several times, before the release of the smartphone.

At the moment, we do not know much more about this new wireless charging technology, but still, there are high chances that this feature is implemented for the new line of smartphones from Apple next year, just in the tenth year anniversary iPhone.

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