Apple launched the first iOS beta 10.1 for developers -


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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Apple launched the first iOS beta 10.1 for developers

Today, Apple has been busy providing updates of their major operating systems developers. In this case, the company launched the first beta for iOS 10.1.

Registered developers can download this new update itself via the update mechanism found in the iOS application settings, or through the website Apple Developer Center.

At first glance, one of the most significant changes made in this first beta of iOS 10 is the addition of the portrait, a feature of software for the iPhone 7 Plus that Apple showed this month and is based on creating an effect mode ' bokeh '(the classic effect that is applied to highlight the object that is in front, blurring what is behind it).

If you can not understand, then we'll show an example of the effect 'bokeh':

Portrait mode, is on the right side of the standard photo mode in the camera application. It is worth mentioning, that will not be able to zoom, or anything like that , in portrait mode because this mode uses only the target of 56mm to take the picture and the wide angle lens to gather data perspective can generate a depth map of 9 layers.

Leaving aside this new feature, the notes on the new update IOS 10 are quite general and terse as it only mentions bug fixes and improvements.

If Apple continues its usual schedule updates, it is likely that soon the beta is available for beta testers who have subscribed to the testing program offered by the company.

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