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Friday, 23 September 2016

Apple Launches Public Beta of iOS 10.1 Mode Portrait iPhone 7 Plus

Last night at 23:00 CET, Apple released the first beta version of IOS 10.1 for developers . Today, the Cupertino company has launched the public version.

Two weeks after the official launch of iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Apple continues to develop its software to implement new features. This time, users who try the beta of IOS 10.1 can use the Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus.

All those wishing to join the Beta Program Software Apple can register for free through the official website of Apple , which offers access to Beta versions of iOS and MacOS Sierra.

What is the new Portrait Mode?

The new Portrait Mode Apple has introduced its IOS 10.1 Beta incorporates functionality depth of field for dual camera iPhone 7 Plus. This way users can take pictures focusing on an object (or person) to the front while defocus the background, one of the most dramatic effects of the world of photography.

The two chambers of the iPhone 7 Plus capture images that are scanned by the internal image processor. The feature is only available on the iPhone 7 Plus because you need two images to create a depth map.

If you have not installed iOS 10 on your device you should know that the new Apple mobile software brings new features in iMessage, Apple Music, Maps, Photos, Notifications, Lock Screen and more.

On the other hand, it is interesting to remember that many users have complained about reduced battery life on their devices after installing iOS 10. Although Apple has not yet ruled on the matter.

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