Apple makes a massive dismissal of workers for Project Titan -


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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Apple makes a massive dismissal of workers for Project Titan

Apple has made ​​a massive layoff of workers in charge of the "Project Titan"; information has come through a New York Times correspondent. It has also limited part of the project has been completely eliminated, giving way to a "reset", which will be headed by Bob Mansfield.

Apparently the company has had problems in the implementation of this project, so lately had to invest more money, and finally, perform a restart, which will focus on another course. Apparently, it is developing a new technology for autonomous vehicles.

Project Titan, initially had filled the different media, rumors and leaks, which indicated that the project had as its main objective, the development of an intelligent car, maybe now the company makes improvements encourage the creation of artificial intelligence.

The course of Project Titan will change and will be taken up by Bob Mansfield

Apple has been working on the project over the past two years, and the growth of staff focused on him, it was above 1,000. Now with the return of Bob Mansfield, who had given the company a few years ago, the idea could take better shape. During the mentioned period, apparently did not have much progress.

Bob is a veteran of the company, who had resigned for personal reasons; Apple has apparently brought back to retake the reins of Project Titan.

On the other hand, the same company has said it already has its own smart cars. These are being tested in a closed circuit and very limited. He has also indicated that its technology is "Far above what today is offered by other companies", coming exaggeration ?, apple, it may not.

The point is still a lot to see the car built by Apple, or the use of its technology in various companies, and this restart project, meant a longer period to wait for the users. Project Titan has yet to be polished.

What do you think about this decision by Apple ?, the company has been investing, as already mentioned, large amount of capital to this project, you may have to hurry now, with this new restart.

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