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Monday, 5 September 2016

Apple Music subscription can now be paid with gift cards at a lower cost

 If you're using Apple Music, surely you are aware that, this service requires a monthly subscription of $ 9.99. On the other hand, those who choose to pay a full year, they may do so for the value of $ 120. These prices are not bad when compared to other similar services, but Apple wants to give users an alternative way to unsubscribe, and a slightly lower price in the traditional way.

From now on , Apple Music will allow users to pay through gift cards. If the user wishes to cancel one month of service, you may do so for only $ 8.25. In turn, if a full year subscription is required, the value of the gift card, will increase to $ 99. This means that those who choose this route of payments would be saving some money in their pockets.

The Apple Music gift cards are now available in physical stores and web

Users who wish to enjoy this new payment method, may acquire gift cards through eBay and own Apple Store. In the case of choosing the first option, the code to activate it, it will be sent via email. Meanwhile, those who are comfortable with their service pay by credit card, you may continue doing it without any problems.

Additionally, as part of the Apple Store, these gift cards can also be purchased in other physical properties such stores like BestBuy, Walmart, among others. Once the person acquires one of these cards, you should just enter your code in the Apple Music service. With this, the subscription will be renewed immediately, so you can still enjoy music, live radio stations and many other things offered by Apple Music.

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