Apple patented virtual reality glasses for iPhone -


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Friday, 2 September 2016

Apple patented virtual reality glasses for iPhone

Apple has patented virtual reality glasses designed for smartphones iPhone. In a new patent application from the corporation he drew attention to the Rusbase resource.

In Apple's patent describes the virtual reality goggles that can "connect" with the mobile device that is running on the VR-application. Therefore, sunglasses help set the display will attach the device before the user's eyes to see the content with the effect of the presence.

In addition to a connector for the accession of  gadget, wearable on the head of the unit it intends to equip integrated into headphones and lenses.

In the document text Apple does not say that points are going to attach the iPhone, however, in all  the drawings of the patent is the design of the "apple" of the communicator.

As noted by the source, the device appears to virtual reality goggles Samsung Gear VR - both gadget allow smartphone attach directly through physical connectors, unlike other developments such as Google Cardboard.

"Judging by the document language in the specification section, this adhesion is smart of a product that Apple wants patent protection."

Large company you often patented technology not to immediately proceed with the sale of a product, but rather to protect the development rights faster than the competition author. In this case, it is unknown whether Apple will introduce proprietary VR glasses.

VR-creating gadgets also deal with the Company  Facebook Oculus (the gadget Rift) and Taiwan's HTC (gadget Vive VR) had made an alliance with the Valve game. In October this year will be released helmet virtual reality VR Sony PlayStation.

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