Apple Pay prepare and train services have been used in Japan

The launch of the iPhone 7 with the FeliCa payment system to bring it into the new iPhone and Apple Watch Series 2 is the pay system prevalent in Japan. Can be used to pay for mass transit and many other services. It also has added features Apple Maps in Japan.

For technology FeliCa developed by SONY, which are both safe and quick scan with the latest Apple has bought the rights to use it with newer devices include the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, which will launch. within the next week

Apple Pay in Japan with thousands of participating partner banks. The network providers like KDDI, NTT and Softbank.

The cause of the card 7-11, BTS, MRT, ARL can not use the same card. Also part of the BIND system. Then there is the matter of using different RFID chip technology well enough. (I hope the future will be the same card).
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