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Friday, 30 September 2016

Apple Post Spot on the Effects of iMessage in iOS 10

Apple has posted a new video on YouTube, it is an advertising spot especially designed to introduce new effects Fund renewed iOS Messages app 10.

In the ad, which lasts just a minute, shows a lone red balloon flying across the sky to the sound of a melancholy song until it meets with hundreds of colorful balloons ...

But enough of spoilers, we recommend you see the spot for yourself (1080p HD). It's really emotional!

IPhone New spot 7 - Ballons

As you may have I seen, hundreds of balloons reach the home of a girl who had just received a message with the special effect of the balloons in iMessage on the occasion of his birthday. No doubt, Apple knows commercial produce emotional. Do not you think?

Apple says goodbye to his spot with "almost magical" phrases "expressive messages on iPhone 7". And why not lack. The new features iMessage for iOS 10 are absolutely spectacular and have been able to plant the Messages app for iPhone and iPad on top of the world of apps IM, hobnobbing with industry leaders such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram.

The effects of chat messages in iOS 10 allow users to send effects chat conversations, send invisible messages, change the style sandwiches and even show the balloons receiver flying, disco lights, shooting stars ... and even fires artificial!

As for the other features of messages , the application now offers new features as interesting as the implementation of Digital Touch, integration with the App Store, links enriched with miniatures, drawings freehand design changes interface elements in sending photographs, and more.

What do you think of the new Apple advertising spot? What is your favorite new feature in iOS Posts 10?

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