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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Apple publishes macOS Sierra 10.12.1 Developer

Today in the Cupertino company, launched the first beta of Sierra macOS for developers, just one day after publishing the new operating system for everyone.

MacOS beta 10.12.1 Sierra is available for download through the Apple Developer Center and through the software update mechanism in Mac App Store.

With the advent of new operating system for desktop and laptop computers, the Cupertino company has focused its efforts on providing better stability and user experience, implementing new features and fixing bugs annoying.

One of the important changes made to macOS Sierra is the implementation of Siri, because now the operating system can process voice commands to perform tasks on the computer. That is, that through Siri you can search files, launch programs, make speech dictation and more, as the voice assistant is perfectly integrated with Finder and other native utilities macOS Sierra.

This is not all, as the new OS has a feature-platform clipboard, where the files to be copied to an iPad, iPhone, etc; They can be pasted on a Mac (and vice versa). This expands the possibilities and simplifies work on a Mac feature.

MacOS Sierra also integrates changes in the system almacenmiento, synchronizing and moving up to the cloud hosted files madly, to have a backup and free up space locally.

Finally, it is unclear what improvements will bring the first update of macOS Sierra, but is likely to include bug fixes and performance improvements for issues found in recent months.

If Apple follows the usual schedule updates very soon be ready macOS Sierra beta 10.12.1 for beta testers who have subscribed to the testing program offered by the company.

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