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Monday, 19 September 2016

Apple publishes two new commercials on the iPhone 7

Because a few days ago, Apple put on sale its new line of smartphones massively today on their official Youtube channel two new commercials appear, emphasizing the characteristics of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

As usual, the Cupertino company publishes new videos on their devices every time you launch a new iteration, in this case, the new line of iPhones.

The two commercials focus on ownership of water resistance with both devices, still, you can see small subtleties in the videos, as the section of the camera.

The first spot is entirely focused on the water resistance of the iPhone in July. Although it is implicitly, the video suggests that the man does not mind traveling by bicycle in the middle of a storm with your smartphone, as it is resistant the water.

Here we present this spot only about 30 seconds long.

The second video, but makes some reference to the water resistance of the new line of smartphones, the intension of it is more focused on the qualities of the rear dual lens camera iPhone 7 Plus.

In the ad you can see a woman walking the streets of suburban night and is taking pictures in low light with the rear camera of an iPhone 7 Plus.

This time, the video has one minute and as in the previous spot, there is no voiceover, background music only.

Here we show you the video of the second advertising spot Apple makes on its new line of smartphones.


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