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Friday, 30 September 2016

Apple releases new spot referring to its messaging app

Apple shares today a new advertising spot on its official YouTube channel, with special emphasis on its instant messaging app. The new ad refers to the new role of screen effects in iOS 10 within the app "messages".

In the spot just a minute long, shows a single red balloon moves through mountains, over the sea, in the forest and other sites, to get to the city where he joined hundreds of additional balloons floating by streets.

Arriving at the end of the ad is displayed to a user of an iPhone that receives a message of "Happy Birthday", where a series balloons fill the screen to accompany the text. The video ends with the slogan "Expressive messages on iPhone 7. Practically magic", referring to the latest innovations introduced in iOS 10 with the messages application.

With the arrival of iOS 10 the screen effects are designed to make the most emotional, personal and funny messages. These effects temporarily modify the appearance of the screen where text messages are displayed with full screen animations that appear next to them. There are several animations, from balloons and confetti, to lasers and fireworks.

With certain keywords like "congratulations!" Or "Happy Birthday!", The screen effects are played automatically, provided that the text message is sent to a user's iPhone have iOS 10 installed.

Undoubtedly, this is a rather original advertising spot that highlights the latest features of iOS 10. Still, it would be appreciated see more ads about new AirPods will be ready for sale to the public, starting next month.

And what do you think, you liked the spot Apple about iOS app 10 and the message ?. Let us know in the comments section.

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