Apple removed from the App Store applications without innovation -


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Friday, 2 September 2016

Apple removed from the App Store applications without innovation

And again Apple wants to make changes to your app store and is that in the coming days will be running a massive cleaning it, the App Store all applications that have not been updated in the last periods or not containing be deleted activity.

In the App Store you want to shine innovation and therefore the Cupertino company is taking all these so sudden actions, which they "achieve a better appearance and optimum performance for the user", and that in recent months many types of applications have been uploaded to the store just to deceive customers of the company, with my false who just want to fill their portfolios with advertising.

3 that Apple will implement to improve interaction User-Shop in the App Store

So far, three new conditions that Apple has included its long list of rules for a new application to enter the prestigious online store, these are:

  • Quality: A very important requirement that the same company has tried to remain from the time it could access the first virtual store, and it is logical that requires it , because they are focused on creating products 100% quality so no want their "extras" created by third parties, are the exception.
  • The limit is 50 characters: This is one of the new that comes into effect from now. Applications will be accepted only with a maximum of 50 characters, no more than there; so those that do not meet this requirement will have to change; or not to enter that store.
  • Innovation: Another very important point, as hereinbefore outlined above; Apple does not want applications that are not updated in at least one period of one year. So it will remove all those who do not have activity; by its developers for long periods of time.

With these three points, they ensure that improve user interaction a large percentage; because, being shorter names will not have to type them confusion from any device.

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