Apple to a new demand for failing to comply faces its upgrade program for the iPhone 7 -


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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Apple to a new demand for failing to comply faces its upgrade program for the iPhone 7

Since the appearance of the famous iPhone, the smartphone has become very popular among consumers. To always maintain "faithful" buyers, the company has an iPhone upgrade program, better known as iPhone Upgrade Program. Through this method, the Cupertino offers its audience, the possibility of acquiring a new iPhone at a lower price. Therefore, interested persons must give their old iPhone to change, along with an extra sum to purchase the new device.

Clearly, this program brings many advantages for both sides, both Apple and consumers. However, it also has one disadvantage: forcing buyers to buy an iPhone in official stores of the company, and not by other means such as Best Buy or web stores. As if that were not enough, today Apple has been compromised by the law again. This time, the main reason is that the company has given priority to new buyers, who could make a pre-order an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple changes its strategy and subtracts them priority to older buyers

According to company policies, their older clients have the ability to update your iPhone to the latest that has been revealed. it is the iPhone 7. Despite this factor this time, consumers who tried to make a pre-order the new smartphone through the iPhone Upgrade Program, the response of a big "No" by the company took .

According to Apple's statement, those who decide to upgrade your old smartphone for the iPhone 7 will have to wait much longer due. The reason is quite simple: Apple gave priority to new buyers in selling its iPhone in July Therefore, the first batch will be delivered to them first..

This great confusion by disgruntled former buyers, resulted in a class action. Through the recurrence of legal action, who could not make the pre-order the iPhone 7 by iPhone Upgrade Program, they are demanding their rights to do so in the first installment of the smartphone.

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