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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Apple updates iWork with real-time collaboration and more

Apple just released a new update for iWork, their office suite available on Mac, iPhone and iPad. The new version allows users to edit in collaboration with others, in real time and affect all components of the suite.

The update covers iWork Pages, Numbers and Keynote; also all together they have improved the speed and reliability them to download documents from the cloud. The full list of changes is as follows:

New general characteristics for functions

  •     Real-time collaboration 

The real-time collaboration, enables users to see the edits made by others, just when they are being carried out; this includes the cursor on the move, the number of users in editing and, of course, who are specifically those who are working in the document.

New features in Pages

  •     Better use of the keyboard, with new shortcuts
  •     Improved image support in high-end color
  •     New tool panel on the iPad Pro
  •     Now you can open documents 'Pages 05' 

New features in Numbers

    Downloading spreadsheets only take place when you are working on them and not automatically.
    Improved keyboard shortcuts
    Support for high quality images 

New features in Keynote

  •     Keynote Live, a new way to express your notes in a presentation and share it in real time with friends from iCloud.
  •     Improvements in the use of the screen for the iPad Pro
  •     Improved keyboard shortcuts
  •     Now you can open your documents 'Keynote 05'
  •     Support for high quality images 

As you can see, there are plenty of improvements throughout iWork thanks to this update. Apple will allow you to share your documents in a fairly simple and uncomplicated, will only have to access the document published by others, from iCloud and start editing.

As you start editing online, other people will see all changes made, in full implementation. This feature greatly increase the functionality of iWork in small workgroups.

Pro iPad users will now have better visibility due to the reform in the design of the application. That said, the update is available for free from the App Store, so you can download it right away .

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