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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Apple's new ads are trying to Fitness, Photography and water resistance

Apple has released three ads to advertise their new products announced last September 7. The Cupertino-based company posted these videos first on your YouTube channel.

Two of them promote the new iPhone 7 and the third highlights the sporting features Apple Watch .


One of the videos, called "Midnight" shows us the night out of a teenager looking for good snapshots, and emphasizes the improved iPhone camera 7 able to take better pictures in low light. The new focal f / 1.8 brings new photo sensor is responsible for this improvement because it manages to capture much more light than its predecessor on the iPhone 6s.

Morning Ride

The most epic of the three ads, "Morning Ride", a cyclist dressed to go out with your bike despite the tremendous storm that's out of your home. Rain is no longer an impediment to measure their physical activity with the iPhone as it is now waterproof.

Although the new iPhone 7 does not have the same protection against water than other competing phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (IP67 on iPhone 7 versus IP68 in Note 7 which in short means that the Note 7 guarantees more time with the terminal submerged the iPhone 7), the new Californian terminal can withstand splashes and plenty of course be used in the rain.

Go Time

The video "Go Time" focuses on the Apple Watch and insists on the aspect of wearable meter activity, with numerous shots of people practicing all kinds of sports.

Emphasis on swimming is because one of the new features of Apple Watch Series 2 presented this year is its resistance to be submerged, but no clarification was made ​​regarding the protection protocol water (the original Apple Watch was IP67, as the new iPhone), Jeff Williams said the new Apple watch 2 would be much more resistant to water (up to 50 meters) thanks to various improvements, including an interesting mechanism that ejects the water inside the clock by a sound from the speakers.

As we saw in the presentation last September 7, it seems that Apple insists on these three characteristics of new products as differential notes on previous versions. Will it be enough to convince consumers to upgrade their watches and phones?

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