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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Apple's next iPhone will have Full HD front screen

We're used to the concepts of smartphones , designs many amateur or professional make certain models, before they leave, imagining how they could be the next versions of the most famous mobile terminals. Here we bring you today could be looking at a concept of how it could be the next iPhone if it were not the source of the news is as prestigious as the New York Times medium.

What the New York Times tells us is that the next iPhone would have a front 8, as seen in the picture accompanying this article, which would cover 100% of the frontal Apple phone. If today speak of a ratio screen / 80% front that is that this is a terminal with a paltry frames and we would be the limit, spending 100% proposed by Apple for its next iPhone it is more than remarkable.


It is true that the latest iteration of Apple smartphones, perhaps from the iPhone 6, is not that they conspicuous by their level of innovation. Remember that the greatest innovation of the iPhone 7 has been to remove the mini-jack. However, if the NYT tells us is true, this time we would be at a point of extraordinary innovation.

This point of innovation is not so much a screen that occupies the entire front of a terminal, as we believe that any manufacturer who proposes what can be achieved, but because what needs to change on a screen like this is a way to interact with her. In the latter is what Apple stands, interface, functionality, utility, etc ... Android has cost years to reach a level of maturity as having iOS for years.

An example of technical innovation and design that does not curdle when not finding functionality and proper use is the screen terminal Samsung Edge. It is true that are beautiful, it's all a technological boast make a curved screen but what real use is beyond that of fardar? Herein it is what Apple is good.

To which we refer is that use such displays must have a software solution to up to avoid touches of accidental screen to catch mobile, etc ... We'll see if finally the next iPhone brings us a screen edge-to-edge and top-to-bottom as we could define, meanwhile enjoying the design shows NY Times.

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