Asus laptop battery ZenPower Max capacity 28600 mah that lets you load the iPhone and MacBook

The equipment is designed as a rectangular prism with rounded sides and has two USB ports Quick Charge 2.0. operating modes are supported, such as 5 V / 2.4 A, 9 A / 2 A and 12 V / 1.5 A. also offers a symmetrical port USB-C. For him appear working modes of 5 v / 3 A, 12 V / 3 A, and 20.03 A.

The internal battery capacity is 28,600 mah. Novelty can be used for recharging not only, say the iPhone and iPad, but and 12-inch MacBook.

Redundant power supply has an LED flashlight. In a single charge you can shine continuously for 12 days.

Note that is more емкая laptop battery Asus, which only in the last year gave the model ZenPower 9600 mah, and this year has completed the model range ZenPower Pro and ZenPower Combo, the capacity is 10,000 mah battery and ZenPower Ultra with a capacity of 20-100 mah.

ZenPower Max goes on sale at a price of around 150 and 160 dollars.
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