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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Backups of IOS 10 are much more vulnerable

iOS 10 has been surrounded by controversy since his arrival. At that time some users had problems updating to the new version , and has now been discovered that iOS 10 has a major security flaw in its protection mechanism backups.

The US company has always taken the issue of security and user privacy very seriously, and is something we have been able to show off and be proud of . With each new Apple version usually strengthen and improve the security of the operating system but it seems that iOS 10 opposite has occurred.

The Russian company Elcomsoft has discovered that iOS 10 has a security flaw quite important in the mechanism of protection of backups. This means that backups of iOS 10 are much more vulnerable and easy to hack, putting at risk the user information.

Backups of iOS 10 much more vulnerable

Elcomsoft claims that the iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 are as safe as ever. However, they have discovered that the "verification mechanism of alternative password" for backup in iOS 10 is much easier to hack than in previous versions of the system.

The Russian company has recently stated that "the new mechanism of IOS 10 certain security controls skips", which makes passwords allowing them to test 2,500 times faster than with the old mechanism used in iOS 9 or earlier.

Backups of iOS store some sensitive information (SMS, photos and videos, phone numbers, passwords ...). Because of this security flaw, a tool developed by Elcomsoft can try 6 million different passwords per second and say they have between 80 and 90% chance of having full access to backup iOS 10.

Apple, meanwhile, has made a series of statements on this subject to Forbes , which recognizes the security issue and said they are already working on finding the solution. The company says it is a problem that affects the encryption level backups of iOS devices 10 made in iTunes.

I must say that this vulnerability only affects backups through iTunes. For this reason, Apple recommends users perform backup via iCloud and protect it with a strong password.

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