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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Best Calendar Apps for iOS (2016)

The catalog of applications for iOS is very large and growing increasingly. If you seek an alternative calendar that comes natively on iOS, there are a number of apps that offer different features, both paid and free.

One of the most popular is Google Calendar, because it is very complete and its operation is simple, besides presenting an attractive design with Material Design and a good ability to sync with Google apps suite. But there are others that are also very interesting, like the ones you have below.

Fantastical 2

The second installment of an application is the most popular among the user community, especially after the disappearance of Sunrise by Microsoft. It is compatible with both iOS as watchOS 3 has support for 3D Touch and a widget to quickly view your appointments and reminders. Among others, it has a very interesting feature: interpret texts to automatically create the event by date and time that we indicate, in addition to search among our contacts to make suggestions.

It has many options to synchronize data and, in the case of being integrated with Facebook, we can import events we have on this social network and receive notifications as a reminder. With careful design and original, Fantastical 2 is the leading apps such payment.

Awesome Calendar

This calendar offers a complete experience and a design that is the most professional that we can find. Awesome Calendar lets you create events and notes, add images and even view the climatological state without leaving the application.

It presents a very clear and easy to use interface, with different kinds of view so that we select the one that best suits our needs. With Awesome Calendar we can automatically synchronize all calendars iPhone, and is very useful to coordinate team projects.

Calendars 5

This calendar is very comprehensive and easy to use. It lets add appointments, create and modify events, and create lists, reminders and notes, among other functions for managing tasks and events.

If you wish, the information will be synchronized with Google Calendar to view data from other devices. Calendars 5 offers various customization options and a very colorful design, plus a very intuitive operation.


This is a calendar with a different design, which sails for weeks as 3D rotating cube. But not only it has an attractive appearance, it is also fast when we add an event, since it is only necessary to enter name and date.

CalCube synchronizes with accounts such as iCloud, iCal and Google, and includes information about the climate by Weathercube. Its award-winning design also provides a seamless and intuitive experience.


A very interesting application if you want a whole one to have calendar, reminders and task manager. Its purpose is to help plan events in a simple and efficient way, even provides a daily summary.

Planbe interface is very simple to facilitate the organization, providing an overview of all calendars. It is useful for business and can synchronize with iCloud, Google Calendar and Toodledo. You can also change the font and size of text, among many other options.

There are a variety of applications that provide tools for productivity and organization in App Store, with these 5 calendars no longer have excuses for not keeping up with your tasks. If you are studying, sure that these applications will also enjoy very useful.

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