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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Best iOS Apps to Get Fit (2016)

With the start of classes, the holiday weekend and the start of the new season ... September is also known to be a month in which many purposes and new goals are set. So if you're one of those people and among your plans is to get fit you have a way to make it very easy and economical.

These applications allow you to turn your smartphone or tablet in your own personal trainer for very little money (many are even free). In addition, you can create your own workouts to do at home or outdoors, so it is perfect for those who do not have time for the gym.

The App Store has a wide range of applications that will be of great help to lead a healthy life and keep fit. In fact, sometimes much variety makes it difficult to choose the one that best fits your needs, so we will make a small selection of the best apps to get fit we currently for iOS devices.

Get fit with these applications for iOS!

runtastic Pro

One of mythical applications that can not miss in any compilation is Runtastic Pro. One of the most known and used worldwide apps, measures the distance, time, pace, calories, speed and much more, all for a variety of exercises (running, walking, cycling, aerobics ...)


This application provides the user known as HITT routines are routines and high intensity in a short period of time. Seven is perfect if you like to do these exercises and has a challenge of 7 minutes to perform for 7 months. Will you be able to get reach the end?


Another classic app among runners is Endomondo, but is also compatible with other sports such as cycling, hiking ... This app will become your personal trainer and you will see the fitness of a different, more fun and social way.

Sworkit - Personal trainer

This is another of my favorite iOS apps to get fit. And with Sworkit you can create your custom workouts with videos and choose from four different types: Strength, Aerobic, stretching and yoga, as well as the time you will exercise, 5 to 60 minutes.

Zombies, Run!

Who said sports was something boring? That's because he knew Zombies, Run !, an application to run in which you have to be faster than the zombies chasing you if you want to survive. Also, while you're running can also be gathering resources to defend your base.

Abs training

With this application you can leave the monotony of classic workout routines for abs. With it you can keep track of which days you trained and download instructions for each type of exercise video to watch even without Internet.

Pilates guru

Turn your iPhone into your own personal teacher of Pilates at home. Keep track of your progress and create your own workouts easily and quickly with an endless number of positions ranging from the most basic to the most advanced and are accompanied by images.


Another classic app for runners is RunKeeper, thanks to which you can collect information during training as you wear rate, distance traveled, average times, calories burned, average speed, etc. On the other hand, RunKeeper has a function to listen and control your favorite for the training much more enjoyable music.

yoga Studio

If you're looking for something more relaxed for your body and mind this application of yoga is what you want. Whether you're just starting out as if you already have a higher level, Yoga Studio will be very useful because it has classes of different levels.

These are the applications to get fit iPadizate we have chosen for you. With them can exercise at home or in the countryside, without paying a gym or having to hire a personal trainer. Ready to give everything?

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