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Friday, 30 September 2016

Best Screen Protector for iPad Pro and iPad Mini

A couple of days ago we showed you a small selection with the best screensavers for new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , but are not the only devices that have to protect the screen from bumps and scratches. So today it is the turn of the iPad Pro and iPad Mini.

The Apple tablet also feature a wide range of accessories on the market, from covers, brackets ... and of course , screen savers. The latter can find all kinds, from plastic to tempered glass, the latter much more resistant.

So if you are looking for a screen saver for your iPad Pro (9.7 or 12.9 inch) or your iPad Mini (7.9 inches) We invite you to keep reading. Here are some of the models with better value for you to choose the one you like. We started!

Protects the screen of your iPad or iPad Mini Pro from any scratchy

Protector 9.7-inch iPad Pro JTECH

This protector for iPad Pro has a thickness of only 0,33mm, it is tempered glass and have rounded edges. Their resistance is up to 9H and not detract from the quality of the screen, so you can enjoy its brightness and colors in all its glory. You can choose a pack of 1 protector or if you prefer a pack with 2 covers by 4 € more.

Screen Saver 9.7-inch iPad Pro SPARIN

This tempered glass protector High quality is only 0,26mm thick and rounded edges. Like the previous model, its hardness is 9H, able to resist scratches caused by keys, knife or other sharp objects.

Protector with installation tool ESR 9.7-inch iPad Pro

This tempered glass protector has an installation tool to make it much easier to put it. It offers a hardness of 9H and 99% of clarity, so you do not lose anything of screen quality.

Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9 inch Vikoo

Ultrathin Protector tempered glass with a thickness of 0.3mm, high transparency and tactile sensitivity. In addition, Vikoo protector for iPad Pro screen has a 12.9 inch oleo-phobic coating provides resistance to stains, water and oil, has a 9H hardness and is easily installed without leaving a bubble.

Protector Pro 12.9 inch iPad JTECH

This pack includes two covers for the iPad Pro 12.9 inches, a cleaning cloth and a squeegee to remove any dust that may be on the screen before installation. It offers high definition and long lasting protection against scratches.

Screensaver with ESR installation tool for iPad Mini

It's the same screensaver with installation tool you've shown above for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, but this time for the model of 7.9 inches. Its characteristics are exactly the same: tempered glass with 99% clarity, 9H hardness and free of dust and fingerprints.

Screensaver iPad Mini CoolReall

A very easy to install protective, bubble and very resistant to scratches thanks to 9H hardness. It provides high responsiveness and transparency, so that no image quality is lost.

Tempered glass protector for iPad Mini JTECH

Finally we show this toughened glass protector for iPad Mini with a thickness of 0,33mm high quality and rounded edges, scratch resistant with a 9H hardness and high response. As was the case with the model of this brand for the iPad Pro, you can also choose whether to buy a pack with a protective or a pack with two guards.

These are some of the best screensavers currently be found in the market for different models of iPad. They are very resistant protective and offering great image quality at an affordable price.

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