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Friday, 16 September 2016

Blocks the automatic screen rotation in IOS with UndoRotation (jailbreak)

Surely many times when we move, the orientation of the screen of our iPhone is changed when we do not want to do it and it becomes annoying when it happens very often. To our fortune, now a new free jailbreak tweak called UndoRotation which disables this feature in our iOS device is available.

UndoRotation allows you to quickly return to the previous orientation only with the touch of a button. As you can in the next picture, a new button appears in the top left of the screen when the orientation is changed.

No matter if the screen to landscape mode to the portrait mode is automatically changed, or if you yourself change the orientation because in any case the button to reorient the screen to its previous guidance appear.

One of the best things about this tweak is that the button will automatically disappear after a configurable period of time, so there will always be there after the screen is rotated.

You can configure the tweak from the new preferences panel to be added to the application settings.

UndoRotation is easy to turn on and off, plus you can choose a specific action when you press the button and choose tweak how long the button appears on the screen before it disappears automatically.

Of things you can do when you press the button UndoRotation is the only choice undo the current rotation, lock the current orientation, or both (block undo the rotation and orientation).

It is clear that it will be necessary to respring to save the changes.

A small flaw of this tweak is that it has a respring button on the preference pane to save the changes, but quietly this can be solved with a tweak of respring.

If you are interested in trying UndoRotation on your iPhone jailbroken, download it free from the BigBoss Cydia repository.

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