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Friday, 23 September 2016

Call your favorite contacts without unlocking the iPhone

Today increasingly a smartphone to make or receive phone calls and more for instant messaging, manage e - mail, access the Internet, social networks, etc. used However, some people still prefer traditional phone calls.

If this is your case you should know that IOS 10 has a new feature that speeds up a lot the process of making a call or send a message to your favorite contacts. In fact, it is not necessary or unlocking the iPhone to do so.

You want to know how to get it? You just have to keep reading because then you have all the steps you must take to set up your iPhone. Remember, to use it you need to have iOS 10 installed, so if you have not done yet and your iPhone is compatible updates as soon as possible. Let's go there!

Call your favorite contacts without unlocking the iPhone

This is possible thanks to two new features of iOS 10 favorite widgets and now view the lock screen. But to enjoy this feature first thing to do is set all the following steps.

The first thing to do is customize your contact list favorites. To do this open the Phone app and click on the Favorites tab, if you already have your perfect taste, but it is the time to add or remove contacts you deem appropriate.

You can also sort them as you like, do not forget Favorites widget will only show the first 8 contact list. To rearrange them and then tap Edit icon of the three stripes to the right of each contact to drag it to the position you want.

Now you just have to enable the Favorites widget. To do this you must go to the Today view, it does not matter if you do it from the lock screen, from home or from the notification center. Go to the bottom and click Edit.

Here you will find the Bookmarks widget, click on the "+" icon on your side and then the icon of the three horizontal stripes to place it in the place that you like. Save the changes and voila !, the widget longer appear in your view today and you can call your favorite contacts even with the iPhone locked.

Did you know this little trick of iOS 10? Do you find this feature useful? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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