Change the battery indicator of your device with Lithium Ion (jailbreak)

If you do not like the battery indicator default iOS brings 10 you can now change it by Lithium Ion, a new jailbreak tweak that will facilitate the work.

With this tweak you can choose new colors and themes for the battery indicator iOS jailbroken your device. Besides, a large number of predefined themes that you can apply them as they are, or you can customize them with different colors depending on the current level of battery included.

Another interesting feature of Lithium Ion is that it can save multiple profiles with different topics you've created.

The tweak also has a configuration section and is accessible from Settings -> Lithium Ion.

There are some other customization options, such as hide or display the icon battery charge in the status bar when the device is connected to a power source and enable or disable color charge when the device is connected to a power source energy, which can be configured to your liking.

All settings change in real time, so you do not have to do respring your device whenever you make changes. These features make Lithium Ion is a very simple to set up and use tweak.

Developer notes specify that are more than 20 topics to choose from in the tweak, but anyone with a little knowledge in JavaScript can program and create even more issues. On the other hand, developers who have made Lithium issues before they may use their songs in Lithium Ion smoothly.

If you are interested in trying this jailbreak tweak, or you have the idea of ​​updating one of your topics Lithium, you'll desacargar the new version free of charge and at any jailbroken device from the BigBoss Cydia repository.

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