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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Changing your location with LocationHandle

In recent weeks there has been increasing interest in learning about some ways to distort location, especially following the arrival of Pokémon GO . And if you've played or play Pokemon GO know that to find them and capture them it is necessary to move and change places.

Many people have started using mods as Tutuapp to falsify the location and capture more pokémon without leaving home. But not everyone wants to change the location to play Pokémon GO can be for any other reason, so do not worry because we will not focus on the game.

Today we bring you a new tweak called LocationHandle that lets you change the location easily and quickly. Of course, you need to use your iOS device to have the Jailbreak done.

Change the location of your iPhone with this incredible tweak

LocationHandle is a new tweak recently arrived in Cydia that allows the user to change its actual location in iOS apps like Find My iPhone, among others. In addition, this tweak also change the location of other applications such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

The first thing to do to get this tweak is abir Cydia and update the database. Then find the tweak LocationHandle, available in the BigBoss repository and install it. Once the process is complete a new application on your home screen, which must open to start changing the location of your iPhone will appear.

In addition, I must say that LocationHandle can be used by beginners as well as for advanced users. It provides enough interesting features to establish the location coordinates based on dragging the map , or perform a manual search if you prefer.

LocationHandle has a feature to search anywhere by entering the address or a search by entering coordinates longitude and latitude. Finally, say that LocationHandle is a tweak that will serve not only to make some traps with some games, such as Pokémon GO, also to increase your location privacy.

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