Construction of the Apple Campus 2 has had a breakthrough this year -


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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Construction of the Apple Campus 2 has had a breakthrough this year

 In 2015, a video broadcast through a drone, which showed us the evolution of the Apple Campus 2 revealed; a monumental ring-shaped building. Reffering the Cupertino, this large structure, would be opened over the next year. Although still a long way that day, their evolution has been amazing, and the images obtained during the day, are proof of this.

As happened last year, today, a pilot drones used his aerial vehicle for advancing the Apple Campus 2. The images obtained are more than surprising, and show us a much more solid structure, full of land where solar panels and possibly go ambientarán huge gardens all. With these two factors, it shows the great commitment that Apple has with the environment; without that, these solar panels, will provide the Campus the energy needed to sustain.

The advance of the Apple Campus 2 has been known since their last view from the air

The shots last year, but showed a structure in progress, had many extra elements around. A clear example of this was the great mountains of earth, that spread all around. Fortunately, this new video released by the pilot of a drone, shows more flat surfaces; to even floors paved in some areas.

Apple seems to be mobilized quickly in the completion of its second campus; which will house thousands of company employees. Until now, the exact amount that Cupertino is not known; He has invested to build this huge ring, which, is expected to be completed in early 2017, which will be opened from the auditorium itself to be built inside.

If you want to know more about the progress of Apple Campus 2 look at the video shown in the bottom:

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