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Monday, 19 September 2016

Deactivating the haptic responses in the iPhone 7

One of the main features of the iPhone 7 is your new home button, which no longer has a physical mechanism to function just as it does Force Touch.

Well, to make use of it we receive haptic responses in the form of a small vibration, which also happens when you use 3D Touch and can be disabled if not being comfortable with it.

Deactivating the haptic responses

  • Access Settings
  • In Settings, access the section Sound and Vibrations
  • Once there, slide down and switch off the haptic responses
In this way, we will stop receiving these vibrations in the system controls or when interacting with applications, but yes, we will continue to receive them by making use of 3D Touch.

In addition, also within sound and vibration it is also possible to control the haptic responses we received to make use of 3D Touch, although personally it's a feeling that pleases me a lot.

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