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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Disables animations clock icon on iOS with LiveIconDisabler (jailbreak)

If you're one of the faithful users of devices with iOS, you'll notice that the clock icon is not static, as it provides the hours, minutes and seconds in real time, but still not everyone likes the animated clock icon. For those who want to return to static clock icon, you have available a new version of jailbreak tweak LiveIconDisabler, which disables the animation.

Personally I like the clock icon analog-style with their needles pointing to the hours, minutes and seconds, but because tastes will vary from person to person, the animated feature that provides the icon may not be the please everyone.

Finally, for those users who do not like this feature that is included from iOS 7, this tweak disables the animations for the Clock application icon. To be clear, will not affect the calendar application, which updates the date icon on a daily basis.

LiveIconDisabler developer says the tweak saves battery by reducing the amount of use of the GPU that would normally be used to keep the application icon animated clock.

As for energy economization, probably a practically negligible perceptible change is most likely the energy that would be destined for animation icon, is the same for the operation of this tweak. But still, it remains an interesting tweak for those who do not like having unnecessary animations on the home screen.

LiveIconDisabler has no option to configure, so after installation, it will work automatically. If you want to try on your jailbroken iOS device 9, you can download for free from the BigBoss Cydia repository.

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