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Friday, 23 September 2016

Download Free Google Allo for iOS

Today, we have hundreds of instant messaging applications. Why Google wants to get into this game that brought WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, iMessages and company? For the simple reason that Google is a great and wants to take that market as well. Google Allo arrives today in the App Store, after landing on Google Play for hours.

Large companies like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft or Google dominate today 's digital world. This is an undeniable fact. Instead, Google can boast of being stuck in all 'fregaos'. Have a mobile operating system, desktop, a browser, dozens of mobile and desktop apps, the largest web browser history and soon mobile themselves. Google Allo comes with these fantastic 9 functions.

Destruct chats

As we saw in Telegram in Google Allo we can also automate deleting messages after a certain time. Do we want to send our account number to someone and you do not run stored? We assign our message 1 minute and will be self-destructed in that period, to allow time for that person to copy the number. We can choose between 30 seconds, a minute, an hour or a day.

Security end-to-end

Recently both WhatsApp and Facebook as Telegram announcing the new point - to - point (end-to-end) for talks encryption. Thus, the talks will only be available to those involved in the chat. Google Allo adds to this level of security.

The wonderful world of GIF

Telegram started this trend, followed closely Messenger and WhatsApp, in its way, mustered it. GIFs were forgotten soon after its creation and now again Allo wants to be a reference, as in his day were emoticons. Instead, we can not send or music or documents.

pure secretiveness

Telegram already integrated this feature, the possibility of secret talks , with other colors and backgrounds to diferenciarlas- unable to make screenshots or copy text from it.

Google Assistant with us

Google wizard has evolved over the years, largely thanks to Siri and Cortana. In Google Allo, the wizard will be active during the talks, facilitating the task of searching on Google topics you are talking. We can find places to dine invite our friends or partner while we chat with them.

Manually Deleting messages

As happens with his brother Hangouts, Google Allo we can delete messages one by one, of the talks. Only they will be removed from our database, not the rest of the conversation partners. They continue to see the messages.

Answers for you

Using Google Allo, learning is progressive. The app will give us automatic responses to questions or conversations that come to us, as if it were your own head on the screen showing you things you should say to certain comments or questions.

Paints, paints

Unlike other messaging apps on Google Allo we may use a portion of our screen panel to paint or write freehand whatever we want. We may even doodling pictures before sending.

Stickers for all

Line introduced at the time the famous stickers, but it was not until Snapchat Telegram and have included them when they have gained popularity. Now Google Allo wants to accommodate the stickers in their conversations and make them more entertaining and fun than ever.

Of course, Google wants to immerse themselves in competition for instant messaging app XXI century. Hopefully you better leave this experiment that Google+ and many other inventions of the past. Download and Google Allo and his brother 'Video' Google Duo and tell us your experiences.

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