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Friday, 23 September 2016

Duo vs Google Hangouts vs Allo, do they differ?

At last I / O Google , the big company that Americana introduced two new forms of communication, Duo and Allo. Two applications that would meet face to face to WhatsApp, Telegram, FaceTime and Skype all-powerful. But on the way its predecessor in this respect, Hangouts is. Let's see what the difference and if the three apps can live in the future.

To mark the launch of Google Allo , we want to see if it is necessary to have all three Google applications installed or, on the contrary, we will need only one of them. Too many have already messaging apps to have to go around talking in three or more different.

Hangouts, Duo and Allo scene

We might ask why Google has launched this app with so many of the same style on the market. However, there is a good reason to know why he has decided the big G Duo and Allo add Google to the list. Apparently, Google Hangouts will switch to professional, business plan, leaving the other two alone apps to danger.

But what about those / as who have grown up using the current Google applications on your iPhone, iPad or on your phone from another system? You should waive application of Hangouts in favor of Allo or Duo, or keep all of them installed? And we compare with our beloved Duo FaceTime , and now it is his turn to Google medírsela himself.

google Allo

Google Allo was discovered by Google in the previous developers conference in May. According to the search engine company, Allo is a simple instant messaging app that takes advantage of artificial intelligence assistant Google, offering the user the best of messaging services. Like so many other apps, Allo requires your mobile phone number, and will only be available on mobile platforms.

However, the PLC learning Allo Google will provide content tailored to our needs at all times, the more you use it . Learn while we chat and send emoji, making easier the way we communicate with automated responses similar to those used previously. We may even delete messages from the conversation, something impossible in Hangouts.

Google Allo may be the alternative to Telegram, as many of its functions have been copied literally from the app messaging Russian origin. GIFs, deleting messages, secret talks and stickers are the similarities of both apps.

What is needed to start? A mobile number.

Google Hangouts

Given the great popularity of this app among Android users, and the fact that Hangouts come pre - installed on a large number of devices, many people are already familiar with it. During his short life, the app has suffered a favorable evolution, becoming a more powerful communication platform, being for personal or professional use.

Now we can send SMS, instant messaging, video call, etc. We can start a call on the mobile, follow from the computer, and end it with a video call from the tablet. In addition, Hangouts is fully integrated with the Google universe and your apps, such as Drive, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, as well it is also Skype with Microsoft Office package.

What is needed to start? An e - mail account.

google Duo

This is one of the apps that Google revealed last conference Google I / O. Unlike Allo, Duo is strictly based on the video call. It is simpler than you think, and will also be 'tied' to your mobile phone. There 's only mobile application platforms.

The application offers calls one to one with the famous encryption end-to-end for added security that no monitor your conversations. Apparently, Google Duo should work properly even under very poor quality connections. Despite its simplicity, Duo has a feature that no other: Knock Knock with which to see the caller before answering in a live image.

What is needed to start? A mobile number.
What app should you use? Depending on the approach that you go to, you have the three installed. Hangouts for work meetings, if you want to discard Skype, Allo to your conversations with friends, if you want to forget WhatsApp, and Duo for your quick calls to friends, if you prefer not to continue using FaceTime. For the rest, Telegram.

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