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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Durability Test iPhone 7 unfit for heart (Video)

if you want to see an iPhone in July under extreme conditions of high temperatures, scratches and so on , we invite you to see this video. However, da worth seeing as an iPhone 7 wasted in black matte, just to prove his qualities.

The YouTuber "JerryRigEverything" set out to investigate the durability of the iPhone 7 via a series of tests. These highlight the good and bad of the new line of smartphones from the Cupertino company.

In the video you can see that they have been subjected to tests the back of the smartphone, screen, camera lens, home key, flash, among other exterior elements of the device.

Initially, the iPhone 7 was subjected to the test grated with a punch, a cutter and a key, in certain parts of the device, meaning that it (under normal conditions), offer a reasonable anti-scratch protection. Of course, if you are about to test the quality antirayaduras the new iPhone with a punch or cutter, chances are that you stay with an unsightly memory.

Still, testing striped camera lens raised questions about Apple's claims for the device.

Scratch resistance is tested on the Mohs scale of hardness where increasing hardness minerals are used to find the point where scratching occurs. For example, the glass is scratched at level 6.

On the website of Apple, it is reported that the iPhone 7 has a 'lens cover sapphire crystal,' meaning that should survive to level 9. In this test, however, deep scratches are evident at level 6 the camera lens, suggesting that it is actually only glass.

All the other tests striped cover a level 6, which means you should not take a cutter and pass on a new iPhone, it's obvious, but worth clarify.

In the video is achieved also see that a lighter (lighter) on the iPhone screen lights up, offering more than acceptable results and to complete the series of tests, the device is subjected to the application of forces on both ends, leaving a couple of questions about the fragility of it.

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