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Monday, 12 September 2016

Emptying the cache reading list of Safari on iOS

The list Safari reading function lets you save web pages in the browser for later reading, you even disconnected from the Internet. This is possible thanks to caching the web page that is stored locally on your iOS device. If you often use the list function reading Safari, you will find that caching of web pages occupy more and more storage space on the device, therefore, it plays clear the cache generated reading list of Safari to retrieve something space on the device.

Note that the cache that generates Safari reading list is completely different from the default browser cache that is cleared in iOS separately.

Emptying the cache reading list of Safari on iOS

  • Open the "Settings" application and go to "General" and then "Storage" / "Storage and Use iCloud"
  • Select the "Manage Storage" option under the storage section (for the local device, not iCloud).
  • Locate "Safari" on the application list and press on it
  • Swipe left on the part of "Reading List offline" to see a "Delete" and click the button to clear the cache reading list offline of Safari.

It's just a matter of waiting a moment (depending on the amount of cache stored on the device) for the Safari reading list disappears completely from the device.

Please note that by removing the cache, the list itself is not changed, only the files of the web pages that allow them list can be viewed offline are eliminated. This means that if you want to see a site from the list of Safari, again will have to cache files.

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