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Monday, 19 September 2016

Exporting to PDF any file on iOS 10

With the arrival of iOS 10 some tasks are easier to do and all this is thanks to the implementation of 3D Touch technology. Well now with 10 iOS you can export all "printable" format to PDF through a simple 3D touch.

Until recently, the utility can export files to print to PDF format, it was only available in the macs, because now you can also do on your iOS device 10 without problems.

Essentially, using 3D Touch technology, you can export anything that is printable as a PDF file using "Print to PDF" that includes full web pages, images, documents , applications, documents in Safari and more. Then we'll show you a little tutorial so you can export your files to PDF format.

  •     Tap on the "Share". 

Scroll to the right until you see the "Print" button. Tap on the button.

  • Instead of selecting a printer as you normally would, using 3D Touch gesture Peek to preview your document.
  • Press harder to make the gesture Pop Touch 3D, to see the entire document.
  • From this screen, select the "Share" to return to the section "share" icon.

Now, you can choose from the standard list of services and export the document, page, image or email in PDF format.

In case you use an iPad or other device without 3D Touch, steps 3 and 4 can be replicated making the gesture of pinching and zoom in preview the document.

The use of 3D touch (3D Touch) makes it easier to export files to PDF format, we invite you to try the new feature for yourself and let us know if you worked and liked in the comments.

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