Filtering Announcement of the Apple Watch Edition Hermès Series 2

The US company took the iPhone keynote 7 to give to the world its new generation of Apple Watch . Now, a video posted on YouTube would be showing the new Apple ad for Hermès Watch Series 2 edition.

While it is true that the veracity of this assumption television ad Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 can not be verified, production and general aesthetics are in line with other Apple ads for the Apple Watch.

Apple's new announcement focuses on Apple Watch Hermès Series 2

This assumption ad lasts 30 seconds, half a minute full of color and a fast pace. The reason on which turns the announcement are hands free, showing numerous situations and things you can do and for which you need to hands - free: winding a ball of yarn, making Chinese shadows, etc.

How could it be otherwise the Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 appears on the wrist of people leaving in the ad, but like most of the smartwatch latest ads, this is not the main objective. In addition, the iconic orange Hermès Series 2 model appears on several occasions, for example in the wool ball, background or dress of women, among other things.

This ad has been leaked on the eve of the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 2 Hermès stores, both physical and online. Remember that, like the original model, the Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 is also a model and high-end, so its price is quite high.

Do you think this ad is really Apple? What do you think of the new spot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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