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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

FIX Synchronize contacts between your iPhone and Apple Watch

It is not something that can happen very often, but can you has passed your iPhone contacts not properly synchronize with your Apple Watch. If so no need to worry, because it has an easy solution we tell you here today in iPadizate.

When your iPhone contacts are not synchronized between devices, either the Apple Watch or a Mac, the information is no longer accessible. Many people have this problem with iCloud sync, but has a solution.

Then you have several possible measures to solve the problem of synchronization of contacts from your iPhone with the Apple Watch. Should you choose the measure will not work with another test that we show. Here we go!

Synchronize contacts between your iPhone and Apple Watch

The first step, restart

We have said on more than one occasion, sometimes you restart the device can solve many problems. In this case you would have to restart the Apple Watch, for which you have to stop and hold the power button until it appears on the screen slider to turn it off.

Slide it and wait for it to go. To reenable only you have to press the side button again until the Apple logo appears and wait for it to start.

Checks connectivity

If contacts are not displayed on your Apple Watch it is possible that both devices are not connected to each other. Go to Settings on your Apple Watch and check that your smartwatch is connected to the iPhone, and it is also advisable to turn off the airplane mode.

Restores data synchronization

If none of the above has helped you to solve the problem try to do the following. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone, tap My watch - General - Reset and then click Reset Sync Data.

Apparently you will not see any changes, but be patient, because the operation is running in the background and takes a few minutes. After that time and when the process is completed your iPhone contacts should appear without problem in the Watch.

If the photos of the contacts disappear ...

If the photos of the contacts disappear should follow the following steps:

  • Enter iCloud on your computer.
  • Verify that your contacts have iCloud synchronization and if not so equipped , activate it .
  • In iPhone go to Settings - iCloud and off contacts.
  • First off both devices and turn on the iPhone.
  • Then turn on the Apple Watch. Once both devices are operational looks back to iCloud options and active contacts.

Now you just have to wait for the two devices to reconnect and data synchronization is performed.

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