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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Forget the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S

Last Friday the new iPhone 7 Plus 7 and arrived at the Apple Store, but like Apple surely be already working on the next generation, rumors also begin to emerge around the iPhone 8. In fact, some people have already forgotten iPhone 7 and now aim at the iPhone 8, the future flagship that will take a year to arrive.

IPhone 7 comes with great features such as water resistance, the new Home button, removing the headphone jack or improvements in camera. But, what could be surprised that the iPhone comes with 8 year?

Do not forget that in 2017 the tenth anniversary of the arrival of the iPhone to our lives is fulfilled, so it would not be surprising that the American company wants to surprise the public at large. But in the meantime it will have to settle for rumors, which will not be few along precisely these months.

The 6 most exciting rumors about the iPhone 8

An all glass iPhone

Apple has long since abandoned its iPhone design glass to make way anodized aluminum. However, a patent filed by Apple in 2014 and approved in 2016 reveals that might be working on a new design that would use the glass facing the iPhone in August.

Borderless screen

The other day and talked about this possibility, and it is believed that the iPhone 8 could have a borderless screen sides . In this way, the entire front of the smartphone would screen and Home button would become virtual.

Chip 10 nanometers A11

IPhone 7 A10 integrates the new Apple chip, and if all goes as planned, surely the iPhone 8 mount a chip A11. This processor would be manufactured with 10 nanometer process and greatly improve the performance and speed of current models.

wireless charging

This is something that iPhone users have long been waiting, and iPhone 8 could be the model chosen to include wireless charging. IPhone 7 no longer has headphone jack, so if you use headphones Lightning can not connect when you load the mobile and wireless charging system would be the solution to do both things at once.

digital crown

Another rumor circulating through the network says the iPhone 8 could include a digital crown as the one with the Apple Watch. Apple patent reveals a digital crown for similar devices to the iPhone and iPad, so it would not be surprising that in the future they decide to integrate.

A ceramic iPhone?

One of the new watch models of Apple , namely Watch Edition Series 2, is made ​​of ceramics. The company has set aside gold and has passed the ceramic model smartwatch luxury, and that is four times harder than steel, making it an ideal for the future iPhone 8 items.

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