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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Frees up space on your device

Every time Apple releases a new version of its operating system look with magnifying glass to find faults. IOS 10 has come wrapped in a small controversy with a problem that has been solved , and now we must add the complaints of some users they say their device runs slower after upgrading.

In the latest models of iPhone and iPad you should not notice any difference in speed, but if you have an older generation may see that iOS 10 is somewhat slower how you would iOS 9. This is because the new version has more functions and features and is built to a more powerful hardware.

Your iPhone or iPad is running slower after upgrading to iOS 10? Is it overheats, animations have lag? Keep reading because then we tell you how to solve those problems slow 10 on your iOS device with a few simple steps. We started!

Make your iPhone or iPad let go so slow with iOS 10!

Your device may go a little slower just after a major upgrade of IOS 10, a situation that can disappear within hours. On the other hand, there are functions that need more resources and make work more to the processor, with the consequent heating of the device.

If after standing between 8 and 12 hours your iOS device with 10 still running slow test to perform any of the following things that we show below. With these small gestures you should gain speed and fluidity.

Reduces movement

Settings - General - Accessibility - Reduce movement you can turn off animations and new effects included in iOS 10 may seem silly, but disable these effects can make notes more fluidly..

IOS10 Solution Troubleshooting Slow

Another way to reduce visual effects and gain speed to reduce transparency which can accelerate interactions with the Control Center, lock screen or notification. To do this you have to go to Settings - General - Accessibility - Increase contrast and Reduce options enable transparency and Darken colors.

Update disables background

This feature allows applications to update their content in the background when you are connected to the Internet. This makes the iPhone or iPad is constantly working to see if there is anything new, so not only gain speed by disabling the operating system, also save battery.

Settings - General - Update in the background you can enable or disable the option altogether. Or if you prefer, you can decide what you want applications to be updated in the background and which are not.

Frees up space on your device

One of the things that can make your device go slower after upgrading to iOS 10 is the internal storage that you have left. If your iPhone or iPad is very busy we recommend to clean and free up space past the photos and videos to computer, eliminating you no longer need, erasing applications that do not use, etc. to have at least 1 or 2GB free.

Restart your device

If after doing all that we have previously told your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 keeps going too slow try restarting. Often a reboot solves many things and in this case can make the system run faster and fluid.

Still fails? Restore factory settings

If restarting the device is still running slow and there is only try the most drastic option, and restore factory settings. Before doing so we recommend making a backup so you do not miss anything important and then connect it to your computer and restore the device.

Then you have to set it up as a new device and then if you want to restore the backup. Personally in these cases when Apple launches a system update as iOS 10 rather I choose to restore the device and set it as a new one from the outset, as this eliminate so any residue that may remain in the cache earlier version.

It is also a perfect time to clean multimedia content, applications you no longer use ... something that is worth making time to time. If there is still notes improvement you can always go down to iOS 9.3.5 again, but date hurry because Apple will soon stop sign this version of the operating system.

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