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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Futures iPhone store all fingerprints, Even Unknown

The security of our iPhone is one of the most important issues for users because these devices usually have lots of data about our loved ones or ourselves, so we do not want to see this information in danger .

According to a new Apple patent, this should no longer be something to eat our heads. Recently it leaked a patent in which it is explained that the next iPhone would have a technology that, according to what is said, will store each of the tracks that run through your reader, keeping it next to a photograph of the bearer, in Should be an unknown track for our iPhone.

It is certainly a smart move, especially for emerging countries where security leaves much to be desired and there is no choice but to seek alternatives to help you protect your information .

Best performance for the Touch ID

It is expected that the new reader has a good ability to identify our identity, and to achieve the difference between a thief and someone who is familiar to us, because if we would not cell filled with pictures of our curious nephew with his distinctive footprint .

Currently in Apple devices, either iPhone or iPad, we have five attempts to unlock our device with Touch ID; after these attempts, our terminal will return to the six-digit numeric code that comes by default. Incorrectly enter the access code ten times likely result in a factory deleted, depending on the configuration method of each user .

This new system would take a picture of the potential thief, and would keep a copy of the mark with this, then uploading to the cloud or storing it on the device for easy identification. It is also said that the iPhone would have the ability to record the voice of the thief and would store with the rest of the evidence (all very CSI style, go).

A priori, makes us think that is a technology that goes beyond legal, but from here confident that Apple will make good use of this information and prevent these important data to be filtered in bulk.

technology yet to be confirmed

It is not yet clear when this update will come to Apple devices, but it is speculated that it would be implemented from the next generation of smart phones apple company, which used to improve the Touch ID sensor with each generation .

However, as we all know the laws vary from country to country, so we have to see if they really prove fruitful for Apple to implement technology that would collect so delicate of its users information, which could make many regions give him the back.

Despite all the obstacles that seem to be on the way, it is a technology that would achieve a major breakthrough in the field of mobile security. After all, we all like to feel that our data is protected at all times.

What do you think? Do you think Apple should thus risk to protect user information?

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