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Friday, 2 September 2016

Give a minimalist style HUD volume with StatusbarVolume iOS (jailbreak)

If you jailbreak your device, surely you will like this tweak amending HUD volume, providing a compact appearance, yet maintaining the necessary details. Without a bulky interface and HUD volume of stock, StatusbarVolume provides a minimalist aesthetic to your device.

Also it works in a functional manner; after the HUD appears on the screen, you have to keep pressing the volume buttons to adjust it. Instead, you can touch and drag the volume indicator on the HUD to adjust the level.

Moreover, you will quickly see that StatusbarVolume is superior because it works everywhere and not just in a single designated application.

The tweak is designed only to adjust the volume of the media and not the tone volume, so this is something you should consider into account. It should also clarify that from the beginning it is necessary to disable the buttons change Settings -> Sounds for the tweak to work properly.

One thing we can say is that this tweak disadvantage is that it only works properly with vertical orientation and not in landscape mode.

Another thing to consider is that StatusbarVolume not come with options to configure, so you can not customize its behavior.

StatusbarVolume is very different from other tweaks as it maintains a minimalist style that contains needed to run and no complications when using it, except for some small details mentioned above, they lack polish.

If you find yourself interested / a to give a chance to this tweak, StatusbarVolume is available for free in the BigBoss Cydia repository and runs from iOS 8 and later.

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