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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Goodbye Nexus. Welcome Google's Phone

The Nexus seems to have always been with us but it really has not always been so. The first terminals were Google Android HTC Dream and HTC Hero, Nexus terminals without calling seguiían the same philosophy. Terminals manufactured by a reputable manufacturer, remember that around here have passed HTC, LG, Motorola, and Huawei, but with full control of the big G. In some moments of history have seen how Google has been about to remove Nexus range. Remember those rumors about Android Silver . Well, it seems that the IFA in Berlin today brings new news or rumors of this very thing, the demise of the Nexus. Are we before a Nexus Goodbye, Welcome Google's Phone?

And the disappearance of the Nexus is not too far away it is. This year, moreover, in a few weeks we will see that, so says Android Central, it suggests that these terminals do not show the HTC not only Google brand. That is, the opposite would happen with the Nexus devices, which display the manufacturer's trademark and logo of the range, but where the Google logo does not appear beyond the Android boot screen.


If Google falls squarely in the realm of manufacturers How you will sit on these? So far they have lived, Google and manufacturers, in a perfect symbiosis for both. Manufacturers selling products like hotcakes and Google increased its portfolio of customers products (remember that if something is free, and Android and Google products in sy most are, the product is you. But now what?

We do not know how they will respond manufacturers but what certainly seems to be do not sit them having to compete against a Google's Phone that, unlike what happened with the Nexus terminals, now that reach mass market form.

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